Wow! What a week!

So we’re now into Week Two of Waco Wise and things are officially in high-gear! Just a hint of what we’ve done/added in the last week:

*Wednesday afternoon we had the opportunity to visit Cultivate 7Twelve Director Rebekah Hagman and see some of the new updates they’re making to their fantastic gallery/space. Pictures and words coming this weekend.

*Meal Deals. I mean, who isn’t on some kind of budget? [Put your hand down, Chip] While we pride ourselves on being your local Waco guide, featuring local restaurants, bars, and things to do, sometimes you need to know where you can take the family to eat on the cheap. That section is for those of us in that boat.

*Events tags. Overwhelmed by the number of events? Filter it by Concerts, or Theatre, or Causes, or Sports, or Races, or Art. There are currently 17 different categories (Also listed: Food, Drinks, LGBTQ, Arts & Crafts, Books, Outdoors, Cars, Gaming, Puppers, Comedy, and Family-Friendly.

*We updated the Happy Hours section. And the Trivia/Karaoke section.

*Our first Waco Wise Weekend Update email will go out to the subscriber list tomorrow morning. If you’d like to see our picks for what to do this weekend, please subscribe (at the bottom of the page)!

Until next time, we’ll be seeing you, Waco!