Milk Bottle Cookies

A Lovely Visit with...Milk Bottle Cookies

Having just moved to Waco from Utah for her husband’s job six weeks ago, Makenzie Asisi has been busy making cookies. Not just cookies, though, [checks over shoulder and lowers voice] the best cookies I’ve ever eaten. Milk Bottle Cookies is legit.

Why “Milk Bottle Cookies?” The density of the cookies themselves matches the density of a milk bottle. “And my husband always needs a glass of milk with his cookie, so it just worked,” Makenzie said while I stuffed my face over coffee at Common Grounds. I nodded and waited for my eyes to uncross.

The Wife doesn’t do gluten, so the tasting fell to me. I haven’t been to the gym since Thursday so I definitely earned sampling all five of the varieties Milk Bottle Cookies currently offers:

-Pistachio Chocolate Chip (covered in homemade caramel)

-Chocolate Chip

-White Chocolate Chip

-Cookies & Cream

-Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter

The word “decadent” comes to mind, and it’s easy to taste how Milk Bottle Cookies does it. “We don’t skimp on ingredients.” It’s top-of-the-line chocolate chips, flour, and absolutely no shortening. I’ve never called a cookie “creamy” before, but the White Chocolate Chip brought that word to mind.

The cookies are dense enough to take a bite, leave and go do something else, come back and take another bite - more designed to be a whole-day treat. [Note: the cookies didn’t last the whole day. I needed a nap afterwards.]

Currently Milk Bottle Cookies takes orders at their website or by DM on Instagram and Facebook. You can either pick them up on Sunday evening, or have them deliver to you (check the website to see if they deliver to your zip code). Shipping around the lower 48 states is available, as well. The Chocolate Chip & White Chocolate Chip are $3.50/each while the premium cookies are $5/each, and are a bargain at twice the price.

If you’re looking to impress guests, or you’re tasked with arranging treats for a corporate event, or you’re just in the mood for the best cookies you could ever hope to put in your mouth, we give two gooey thumbs up to Milk Bottle Cookies. Now, off to the gym…