Cultivate 7Twelve

A Lovely Visit with...Cultivate 7Twelve

So, last week we had a wonderful opportunity to visit Cultivate 7Twelve to see what they’re up to. Downtown Waco is lucky to have Rebekah and Jeremy Hagman and their team in place to provide a cultural presence since December 2017. Thanks to the Hagmans, Art has a home in Downtown Waco in the former Keton Bakery space, in operation from 1917 to the 1970s (and famous for their cream puffs). Hardwood floors accentuate the galleries with high ceilings in a space that allows you - and the art - to breathe. As soon as you walk in, you can tell that Cultivate 7Twelve is genuinely honored for you to grace their doorframe.

I mean, from bringing Waco an actual, real-life Banksy, to providing a space for ballet, yoga, and jazz dance classes (what up, Authentic Arts), to displaying hands-on family-friendly artistic pieces, Cultivate 7Twelve is here to bring you high-minded pursuits, making sure you strengthen your mind and your soul.

Cultivate 7Twelve offers space for (predominantly local) artists to participate in a highly-functional artistic community to showcase their work. Are you looking for a space to host your next event? Cultivate 7Twelve has you covered with a wide array of opportunities to entertain your guests in a convenient downtown location.

Do you like the idea of living in the 1920s? Do you channel Nick Carraway? Maybe, just maybe, you could get on board with being Jay Gatsby (up until, probably, the last 1/4 of the book)? Cultivate 7Twelve has something just for you. Keep an eye out here, and there, for something that just might ring your bell…

Click through below for pictures. All photos copyright Kami Yasko.