Here's a list of restaurants where you can get Vegetarian, Vegan, and Gluten-free Options on their Regular Menu. 

254 Baking

  • Featuring an entire menu of all-vegan cakes and cookies, 254 Baking will deliver to you.

900 Degrees Pizzeria

  • With veggie pizzas, and cauliflower crust, 900 Degrees can hook you up.

  • 315 South University Parks Drive

Alpha & Omega Grill & Bakery

  • Veggie and vegan gyros and appetizers.

  • 929 Franklin Avenue

Baked Bliss

  • Baked Bliss has a wide range of gluten-free options, from bacon-cheddar scones to blueberry muffins to shortbread.

  • 1114 North 15th Street

Bangkok Royal

  • A literal ton of veggie and vegan Thai options on the menu.

  • 215 South University Parks Drive

The Blasian Asian

  • Order tofu as your protein and you can make just about anything veggie/vegan.

  • 202 South University Parks Drive

Cafe Cappuccino 

  • 100 North 6th Street / 903 Hewitt Drive / 1101 Richland Drive

Cheddar Box

  • 601 Webster Avenue

Clay Pot

  • 416 Franklin Avenue

Co-Town Crepes

  • 601 Webster Avenue

Coach's Smoke

  • 330 Austin Avenue

Double Dave’s Pizzaworks

  • 160 North New Road

  • DoubleDave’s now offers a cauliflower crust for gluten-free types.

Drug Emporium

  • It's not a joke, I'm not a cop. Drug Emporium is not a restaurant, cafe, or bar, but they do have a number of veggie/vegan/gluten-free ingredients/frozen items for you to purchase to fit your diet.

  • 5900 Bosque Boulevard

Freebirds world burrito

  • Now featuring veggie protein and their Beyond Meat protein.

  • 120 North New Road

George's REstaurant

  • 1925 Speight Avenue / 1201 Hewitt Drive

Hat Creek Burger Company

  • All of Hat Creek’s sides, from french fries to fried pickles, are gluten-free. Burgers can obviously be ordered sans bun.

  • 103 Archway Drive (off of Highway 84 in Woodway)

Happy Harvest

  • I mean, Happy Harvest has the best options in Waco in this category, and the food is phenomenal. I love gluten, and meat, and when The Wife suggests Happy Harvest, I genuinely get excited. Check their brick-and-mortar, or their Farmer's Market stand.

  • 611 Bowden Street

Harvest on 25th

  • An amazing variety of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options (tofu scramble tacos, vegan pancakes, etc.) at a restaurant that encourages you to “eat better, not less.” We are very down with that.

  • 112 North 25th Street

Honky Tonk Kid BBQ

  • HKTBBQ has a vegan smoked jackfruit burger. It’s insane.

  • 112 Mary Avenue, Ste 2


  • All their crepes are gluten-free and it’s extremely easy to go veggie and vegan!

  • 315 South University Parks Drive, Ste 120

Magnolia Table

  • Oh you like Fixer Upper? Then who was their 3rd Baseman in 1981?

  • 2132 South Valley Mills Drive - just use the roundabout until you find what used to be The Elite

Mod Pizza

  • Offering loads of vegetarian options for pizza, as well as a “gluten-friendly” crust (though the crust is made on the same serving line as the other gluten-unfriendly crusts, so be cautious if yours is an allergic reason).

  • 1015 S North (I know) Jack Kultgen Expressway

Olive Branch Cafe

  • 215 South 2nd Street

Pie Five Pizza Company

  • Offers vegan cheese and cauliflower crust

  • 720 South 5th Street, Ste. #100

Poppa Rollo's Pizza

  • Gluten-free crusts (that don’t taste like gluten-free crusts)

  • 703 North Valley Mills Drive / 1201 Hewitt Drive #214

Rosati’s Pizza Sports Pub

  • Gluten-free crusts, including deep-dish.

  • 824 Hewitt Drive

Slow Rise Slice House

  • Vegan Cheese and Gluten-Free / Cauliflower Crusts available.

  • 7608 Woodway Drive

Stone hearth Indian Cafe

  • 506 Austin Avenue

Terry & Jo's Food For Thought

  • I mean, this is one of our favorite spots in Waco: natural groceries? Vegan? Gluten-Free? Whether you like sandwiches or burritos but with a palate that doesn't kill you, Terry & Jo's is the place for you, whether you want something in-store or to-go.

  • 1121 Speight Avenue

Tom’s Burgers

  • Offers gluten-free buns

  • 6818 Sanger Avenue

Torchy’s Tacos

  • 801 South 5th Street

Twisted Root Burger Company

  • Veggie and Vegan Burger options

  • 801 South 2nd Street


  • It's not really vegan, or vegetarian, but if you're gluten-free you have some options.

  • 1600 Speight Avenue

Xristo’s Cafe

  • Loads of veggie and vegan Greek options

  • 810 La Salle Avenue