"There's no such thing as being too southern." - Lewis Grizzard

Jim's Krispy fried Chicken

  • I love three things on this earth (besides my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and my family): the Houston Astros, bourbon, and fried chicken. Jim's Krispy Fried Chicken is basically a chicken shack with some tables and chairs inside, and that's just fine with me. You can get regular bone-in fried chicken, or the meat of poor defenseless boneless chickens. Both taste great. Just enough crisp on the meat - think "I'm only eating the skin, so the chicken is up for grabs!", and the cream gravy can't be beat. 
  • 1500 North Valley Mills Drive / 3401 Bellmead Drive
  •  10:30am-9pm Mon-Sat; Closed Sun / 10:30am-9pm Mon-Sat; 10:30am-5pm Sun


  • Sascee's (pronounced "Sassy's") offers a wonderful down-home Southern-style buffet with beef, pork, or chicken from Saturday-Thursday, and catfish and barbecue on Friday. I dare you to try and save some room for dessert, but you'll regret missing the banana pudding way more than you'll regret stepping on the scale.
  • 719 South 11th Street
  • 11am-3pm Mon-Sat; 12pm-5pm Sun